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Body Composition Analysis

Health Promotion Services is no longer offering the body composition analysis appointment as of Fall quarter 2023. We found that providing body composition results was not in alignment with our value to promote Health At Every Size®. Additionally, it perpetuated unrealistic beauty standards and myths about body fat and body mass index.

While weighing ourselves and examining our body fat percentage are not inherently unhealthy practices. They are linked to a high risk of developing disordered relationships with food, body and/or eating disorders without ongoing support for navigating these topics. There are other actions you can take to support your health that are much more important. Good quality sleep, moving your body daily, fueling your body appropriately, reducing stress, being kinder to yourself, and reducing negative health behaviors will help most people reach their health and body composition goals.

Health Educators are available to help you achieve your health and well-being goals. Coaching for sleep, physical activity, healthy eating, stress management, and other topics is available through Health Promotion Services. Please schedule an appointment through MyStudentChart.

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