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About Us

Hours of Operation & Location

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Health Promotion Services is located in Student Health Services on Library Walk, west of the Price Center.

Health Promotion Services is closed on all University Holidays.

Guiding Principles

HPS uses a health equity lens in order to create a welcoming, safe, respectful, and supportive campus environment for UCSD students and our community at-large. Pursuing health equity means striving for the highest possible standard of health for all people and giving special attention to the needs of those at greatest risk of poor health, based on social conditions (Braveman 2014).

We take steps towards health equity by participating in the Student Health and Well-Being Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee; integrating intersectionality of race, gender and other identities into our presentations and programs; completing implicit bias tests; providing a workshop on racism as a public health crisis; engaging in anti-racism professional development and evaluating inclusivity efforts in our program assessments.

Braveman P. (2014). What are health disparities and health equity? We need to be clear. Public health reports (Washington, D.C. : 1974), 129 Suppl 2 (Suppl 2), 5–8.