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What to Expect

How does recovery work?

  • A good pathway to recovery is the pathway that works for you. 
  • Through recovery you will engage in a process of change geared towards your health and wellness goals. 
  • Recovery can look different for everyone, whether it’s for drugs, vaping, alcohol, pornography, or eating disorders, etc. Whatever you’re going through, recovery is a process that will help you learn new ways of being. 

What should I expect from the program?

  • Collegiate Recovery Program at UC San Diego includes many pathways and frameworks for you to reach your life’s potential. One size does not fit all. 
  • The CRP program is not exclusively a 12-step program. Through many different approaches including multiple types of meetings, social support events, and educational programming CRP. 
  • You can expect to see a range of people with different majors, ages, and walks of life connecting about similar things. We share about where we are in life, what we are facing on a daily basis, and how we can help each other through our own personal lenses. There is not a minimum requirement to meet to attend a meeting. 
  • All are welcome no matter what behavior you are hoping to change, or where you are in that process. As a newcomer, you can choose to attend a meeting just to learn more.
  • Social events hosted by the CRP are considered sober fun! We want to offer a healthy environment for our folks to learn new ways of being in.

Is Collegiate Recovery for me?

  • Do you tend to repeat patterns of use or behavior that result in unwanted experiences?
  • Are you looking for a support network of people with similar experiences?
  • Are you hoping to live a healthier or more balanced lifestyle?
  • Have you tried to stop or reduce on your own, but can’t?
  • Do you use substances or behaviors to cope with life stressors?
  • Are you curious about your relationship with substances and/or behaviors?
  • Do you want to remove yourself from situations and people that trigger harmful thoughts, behaviors, or feelings?

What if I’m still exploring and unsure?

If you’re just exploring your substance use or behaviors, you belong here too! Maybe you’re ready to change some habits, or are looking to change the environments and/or people you hang around. Recovery does not have one singular approach that works for everyone, but CRP will provide an environment for you to grow in. 

Is being in recovery boring?

Absolutely not! Many people find that being in recovery opens up much more time to do the things we truly want to do. Some people find that being new in recovery is challenging because we aren’t able to change our mood on the spot, but we soon begin to have a new perspective on who we are, our interests, hobbies, etc. By joining Collegiate Recovery, you will also find that your new friendships and connections can help you find your place and rediscover what you find enjoyable.