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Our Team

  • ​Lisa Joyner

    ​Lisa Joyner

    (858) 534-2419

    Lisa earned her BA in Health Education and her MA in Health Education from Sam Houston State University. Lisa is from Dallas, Texas and joined the staff of Health Promotion Services in January of 2020 and brings over 15 years of experience in health and well-being. Lisa started her public health career focusing on alcohol, tobacco and drug education and worked with universities and state and local officials. While Lisa is passionate about helping those who suffer from substance misuse she seeks to provide support to individuals in their holistic well-being. Professional interests include: Mental Health, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, Health Equity, Healthy Relationships, Resilience, Trauma Informed, Collegiate Recovery, Nutrition, and Health Disparities. In her free time, Lisa enjoys sports, traveling and spending time with loved ones.

  • Marisol Torres

    Marisol Torres

    Health Education Manager
    (858) 534-1824

    Marisol Torres (she/her/hers) was born in Mexico and was raised in San Bernardino, CA. She earned her Master of Public Health from UCLA and a BS in Health Science from Cal State San Bernardino. She is passionate about health equity and social justice. She manages the health educators and the important work they do for UCSD students, in addition to moving forward inclusivity and health equity efforts in the department. In her free time she enjoys running, hiking, connecting with family and friends and being civically engaged.

  • Renee Dell'Acqua

    Renee Dell'Acqua

    Health Educator
    (858) 822-5382

    Renée was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She has a B.A. in Psychology from UCSD and an MPH from George Washington University. Her passion in general/mental health education started at UCSD where she was a Peer Health Educator. Upon graduating, she pursed a career as a Research Scientist at the Naval Health Research Center, studying topics like resilience and positive psychology. When the opportunity came to return to UCSD as a Health Educator, she was thrilled! She loves working with students to support their health and well-being. When she’s not at work, she loves being with her family!

  • Bryan Galcik

    Bryan Galcik

    Marketing and Communications
    (858) 246-4696

    Bryan Galcik is the Marketing and Communications Specialist for UCSD Student Health and Well-Being. He has a diverse background in marketing, design, communications, and digital media. Prior to his position at UCSD Health, he was a marketing coordinator for HED, a national architecture firm. Before his move to San Diego, he lived in Boston and worked for Harvard University as a communications coordinator for the Harvard Environmental Economics Program and the Harvard Project Climate Agreements, two organizations focused on global climate change policy and environmental efforts. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from SUNY Oswego. Bryan is originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, and enjoys golfing, hiking, water sports, and volleyball in his free time.

  • Christine Glissmann

    Christine Glissmann

    Health Educator
    (858) 534-3874

    Christine has a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from the University of Missouri and a M.S. in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University. She has experience as a health professional in multiple settings including: Higher Education, mindfulness research, and the health and fitness industry. Christine is passionate about helping to guide others to develop the skills and mindset needed to reach their health goals and discover a healthier relationship with substances. Christine is from Omaha, Nebraska and cannot be convinced that the San Diego Zoo is better than the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. She loves spending time outside and lifting heavy things and putting them back down.

  • Morgan Humberger

    Morgan Humberger

    Collegiate Recovery Coordinator
    (858) 534-2158

    Morgan has a B.A. in Professional Writing and Rhetoric from Baylor University and is pursuing a MSW at the University of Texas at Arlington. She has been working with recovery populations since she was an undergraduate with the Baylor University collegiate recovery program. Morgan aims to provide trauma informed support for people seeking recovery from substance use disorders and help them find recovery and holistic wellbeing in a supportive community. In her free time, Morgan enjoys gardening, reading, and engaging in advocacy work.

  • Christine McNamara

    Christine McNamara

    Registered Dietitian
    (858) 822-0085

    Christine earned her Master’s Degree in Public Health from San Diego State University and then pursued her passion for nutrition and earned her Second Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Eastern Michigan University. She has been working for Health Promotion Services for over fourteen years. In addition, Christine is a member of the California Dietetic Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is passionate about educating and empowering others about healthful eating to improve their relationship with food, digestion, mood and energy. She is originally from Hudson, Massachusetts and loves to stay active by running, biking and spending time in the kitchen with her kids.

  • Christopher Spurling, MS, CHES

    Christopher Spurling, MS, CHES

    Health Educator: Men's Health
    (858) 246-4697

    Christopher Spurling (he/him/his) has a B.A. in Communication, a Graduate Certificate in Substance Abuse Prevention, and a M.S. in Health Promotion and Education (Community Health), all from the University of Cincinnati (near where he grew up). Starting his professional health journey as a peer health educator while in his undergraduate years, Christopher has worked for multiple universities/colleges across the country in student health, admissions, teaching, research, and workforce development. Christopher aims to improve the health and well-being of the UCSD Student Body, with emphasis on men's health, sexual health, and LGBTQAI2S+ health. His personal interests include yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and traveling.