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Staff-led workshops addressing a variety of topics are available from our Health Educators. Check out all the different workshop options below and request a workshop.


General Health Workshops

  • Let's Optimize Remote Learning & Working: Join us in an active exploration of your workspace and current habits that may be impacting your productivity, as well as your health and well-being! (45 minutes)
  • But First, Sleep: Join us as we discuss the importance of prioritizing sleep and feasible strategies you can implement to get a good night's rest! (45 minutes)
  • Let’s Reconnect & Reinvigorate with Holistic Self-Care: Join in on this interactive workshop where we'll work together to brainstorm feasible and realistic self-care strategies to help you reconnect with and reinvigorate your AMAZING self! (45 minutes)
  • Let’s Get Liberated! Period. : Join us in an insightful and empowering discussion about periods, period stigma, and period poverty. (60 minutes)

Mental Health Workshops

  • Preventing & Overcoming Zoom Burnout: Join this workshop as we discuss the signs and symptoms of Zoom burnout and strategies for overcoming and preventing it! (45 minutes)
  • Finding Calm in Resilience: Get ready to reflect and connect as we discuss our personal experiences and how we can use lessons learned from past experiences and inner strengths to feel calm in our current state of uncertainty. (60 minutes)
  • Resilience in the Making: Join us in an interactive workshop where we discuss the ins and outs of resilience and the various strategies for strengthening it! (60 minutes)
  • Coping with Loneliness in a Physically Distanced World: Our current state of physically distancing can bring about feelings of loneliness. Join us in this interactive workshop where we discuss feasible and realistic strategies for overcoming loneliness even when we’re alone! (45 minutes)
  • Overcoming & Preventing Compassion Fatigue: So often we think about and prioritize the needs of others while neglecting our own health and well-being. In this workshop, we explore compassion fatigue and strategies for overcoming and preventing it. (35 minutes)
  • Stress Less, Tritons!: Join us in an interactive workshop where we talk stress, its role in our lives, stress management techniques, and strategies for reframing the way we think about stress. (45 Minutes)

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Workshops

  • Misuse, Abuse, and How to Get Back on Track: Can you guess the main factors for alcohol and drug use? Where's the line between recreation use and misuse? Do you know how to help someone that is displaying concerning drug use? Get the answer to all these questions through a nonjudgmental open discussion about drugs and how they impact our health and ability to flourish. (45-60 minutes)
  • Party Safe, Party Smart: This workshop will help prepare you to make informed decisions about hosting parties on and off campus. You will learn ways to keep yourself, your property, and your guests safe. (45 minutes)
  • Recovery Ally Training: This training is recommended for any faculty, staff, or student interested in learning how to be supportive of individuals struggling with substance use disorders or those in recovery from substance use disorders. (60 minutes)

Men’s Health Workshops

  • Men’s Sexual Health Workshop: Learn the proper steps to use a condom, how to communicate about sex and promote respectful sexual environments as well as common sexual health concerns that men have. (45-60 minutes)
  • Men’s Mental Health Workshop: The Big 3: Explore the Top 3 mental well-being factors that UCSD men reported as having the largest negative impact on their academics: Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. (45-60 minutes)

Sexual Health Workshops

  • Frisky, Not Risky: Learn the basics of sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmission, protection and how to talk to partners about safer sex. (45 minutes)
  • Reproductive Justice & Birth Control: Let’s go beyond sexual health work towards reproductive justice by learning about reproductive justice, birth control options and birth control access. (30 minutes)

Not finding a workshop you are looking for or would you like to learn more about other workshop options? Please email our Health Educators who will gladly work with you to meet your workshop needs.