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Tritons Connecting Tritons

Tritons Connecting Tritons

Did you ever wonder if UCSD was the right choice for you?  Not only did you have to deal with classes, but you also had to start over, to make new friends, and to figure out where you belonged. No wonder you questioned if you made the right decision!!!

Lots of college students report feeling lonely, which makes focusing on school even more stressful. Having good friends reduces stress, loneliness, and isolation; and increases self-confidence and self-esteem.

Join our Tritons Connecting Tritons Program through our Well-Being Peer Educator Program and connect with another Triton (pen pal).

Students will have a chance to match with another Triton with some similar interest (outdoor activities, classes, major, college, activities, reading, sports, etc).

To be matched to another Triton to receive a pen pal fill out the google form below by May 1st and we will send your match on May 10th.