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Well-Being Leadership Award Program

Building Healthy Triton Leaders

The Well-being Leadership Award encourages UCSD students to be leaders in health & well-being. The free award program is designed to teach students new wellness and leadership skills that promote healthy lifestyle choices.

New sign-ups will begin in the 2020-2021 Academic Year.

When can I start?

Students can start the program anytime throughout the academic year until Week 1 of Spring Quarter. However, it is recommended to begin the program in the Fall so you have as much time as possible to attend the workshops and complete all the requirements.

Once you sign-up for the award, you can start attending workshops as soon as possible. The deadline to submit all award requirements by Friday, Week 10 of Spring Quarter.

(check back in fall quarter)

How do I complete the award?

  1. Attend one program that fulfills each area in the 8 Dimensions of Well-being for a total of 8 programs. Check out the current schedule here (check back in fall quarter).
    1. Emotional Wellness
    2. Environmental Wellness
    3. Financial Wellness
    4. Intellectual Wellness
    5. Occupational Wellness
    6. Physical Wellness
    7. Spiritual Wellness
    8. Social Wellness
  2. Attend 2 programs under Leadership Development.
  3. Keep track of the programs attended using the Progress Tracker (PDF)
    1. This documentation serves as confirmation of your attendance at workshops.
    2. You may only fulfill one area per program that you attend even though many programs can fulfill a variety of areas. (e.g. Therapy Fluffies can fulfill either Emotional or Social wellness, but not both).
  4. Write a reflection paper (PDF) after attending all required programs.
  5. Submit Progress Tracker and Reflection paper to Zone Program Manager, Zarah Rubio, at
  6. Complete the Exit Evaluation (PDF).

What do I gain out of this reward?

Students who complete all program requirements will receive the following:

  1. Validation of Co-Curricular Record (CCR)
  2. Certificate of Achievement
  3. UC San Diego padfolio
  4. Personalized letter of congratulations from Director of Health Promotion Services
  5. Tips of how to make the most of the award

Students will also gain:

  1. Desirable and marketable skills for use in future career opportunities
  2. Earn an award worthy of mention in resumes, portfolios, and job interviews
  3. Improve leadership and communication skills
  4. Learn how to best manage health and well-being
  5. Meet new people and build networking skills
  6. Improve social interaction skills
  7. Learn about on-campus well-being resources

What does it mean for something to be CRR Certified?

The Co-Curricular Record highlights student involvement and achievements in opportunities beyond the classroom including the skills and competencies developed. If something is CCR certified like the Well Being Leadership Award is, then it will be noted on your Co-Curricular Record. To learn more, visit

When is it appropriate to submit a petition? What is the process?

You can submit a petition if there is an event that is not on the Well Being Leadership Award schedule and you think it should qualify for the award program.

To submit a petition, email or go to the Well Being Leadership Award Coordinator’s Office Hours. The event must fit in leadership development or one of the eight dimensions of wellness. In addition, you must provide the event’s name, date, time, location, description, and what you learned from it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Have a question that’s not listed? Contact the Program Manager, Zarah Rubio, at

Download WBLA infographic:

WBLA infographic